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Hello everybody! I'm back with another set of creations, this time I prepared an album with foamiran flowers, stamps, clay masks and paper flowers.
Every single page of it is filled with bright colors and decorations.
You can place your own pictures inside and they are going to look totally magical!

 Hi again!

This time I've created a personalised guest book for my close friends. It has taken me a very long time. I've actually used foamiran to create these cute flowers which, beside the picture itself, are also a focal point making this book look very wedding - like. White and purple colours were the key as they symolise the wedding shades which were lavender to make it look more carefree and country-like but white as well to still make it look like a wedding. This is the outcome:

Shades of purple and white really go along together!

Handmade foamiran flowers adding this guest book a nice touch

Decorating stamps and golden embossing powder added some shimmer and shine into this piece!

First page of the guest book

This amazing, sea-coloured, 80 sheeted, notebook might be a perfect present for anyone! Let them turn it into their personal diary, journal or even a school task manager calendar!

Presents like these are outstanding because they are completely universal; you can give them to anyone at any occasion making them a perfect touch to normal living.

Creating this diary has taken me about 6 hours as it was very time consuming to stamp templates, craft masks, structure paste, embellishments made of cardboard and add all the finishing touches to make this piece pure art. Spray mists of all the sea colour spectrum have made this piece vacational and magical.
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Hello dear visitors!
This time I made a canvas picture which you can hang on your wall. It was very time consuming and quite hard to do, however I like setting challenges for myself :)

I used Xcut dies chronology cogs which I used as stencils.

This piece is a complete mix of tiny fake and paper flowers, stencils, paint and mists, which, somehow go along together! 

20x20 cm

Just another picture of my new creation!
Mixing media on canvas actually started being very interesting and fun and even though it's very time consuming, the outcome is definitely worth it!

Another mix of clay, fake flowers, paint, three dimensional masks and other things that make this piece look very interesting!

Hello dear visitors!
Just another creation, this time something completely out of the blue. I've actually decided to make a treasure box looking exactly like a book. As you open it, you can reveal a present inside! In this case, I have placed a notepad inside of the box, but you can use whatever you want as a present that fits into this magical-looking treasure box!
This mixed media creation is done using special relief and wax paste that made all these colours blend in together creating a three dimensional scrapbooking effect at the same time!

Spray mists, crystals, stencils and wooden embellishments made the treasure "book" box look even more realistic!

One of my first mixed media paintings! I hope you like it!

As I am still a beginner in this mixed media area, I have actually been inspired by this amazing tutorial by Nika in Wonderland. Thank you so much for your help!

20x20 cm - perfect for a wall picture!


Hi again dear visitors!
I made another wall hanging that adds a bit of motivation and encouragement to your house, or as you prefer, you might also enlighten someone else's day by gifting them a wall hanging with a message picked by you and order it!



I'm just trying new techniques. It is fascinating!

wall hanging

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