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Just another creation of mine followed by the original Japanese style: the unique shibori earrings. Shibori started being popular around the 8th century in Japan; this original dyeing technique was unfortunately forgotten by many creators and designers; many people stopped using this technique as it is very hard to do.
In order to make this style last, I have created these original earrings covered in beads with shibori silk in the middle. Trust me - I found it very hard to make these earrings similar to each other, but looking at this from the bright side: this is what makes shibori earrings unique! You are never going to find the same earrings anywhere as each one is individual just as my clients :)

Shibori silk in orange and pink

The golden coloured beads around and at the top of each earring make them look royal

The colours shine as though they've been touched by a magic wand!

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