Hello! I'm back with another bunch of occasional cards!
This time I made them thinking of my niece.
The first card is made of hard, flower-printed paper with yellow lace at the bottom to create an adorable, sweet decoration. Inside I wrote some birthday wishes to sweeten up the day. 
This adorable card has many sweet colour that can brighten up your day!

This card is also a birthday card, however, this time I've decided to make it more serious but still interesting. This card is actually perfect for this season as it includes red, orange and brown colours reminding everybody of autumn which just made its way through, this month.

Brown, red and orange colours are perfect and look beautiful on this card!

Welcome back everyone!
This time I designed an inspired by Dorota_mk's work (you can view her blog by clicking on the link on the right sidebar at the bottom of the page) wedding card which you could give to anyone who's experiencing love in the air this summer!
This time in a box, the card is 100% safe to carry and transport plus the box gives it a very nice touch and makes this present a lot more special and personal. The card and the box are scrapbooked and three dimensional making the flowers stuck in the top and bottom corners pop out and look amazingly delicate at the same time. Wooden embellishments give a drop of vintage into this "flowery" mixture. Little pearls hidden in the middle of the heart look delicate and feminine.
   The big flower in the top left corner is made of paper and the leaves coming out from the bottom are made of hard paper as well, making the box three dimensional and interesting. The wooden embellishments create a beautiful vintage climate and add on to the flowery card.
  The box and the card are matching in colour and style. If you'd like to know more about the size and pricing or you'd like to order one for someone, then please visit my Facebook page at or fill in the contact form on the right sidebar and send me an email about your order or ask me any questions :)
Thanks for visiting! 

Welcome back!

Just another card for a friend of mine who really likes blue colours. This card is a birthday card, however I might make a card looking very similar to this one for a different occasion, if you wish. Just fill in the contact form down below in order to ask me any questions and discuss the price of the card. I am going to try to satisfy your requirements :)

The mixing of colours has went especially well on this card as pink, red, blue and a little bit of sea turquoise blend in very nicely when using spray mists. Blue dots in the top left corner of the card are embossed and covered in gloss gel which makes them very realistic and three dimensional. The leaves that you can see at the bottom of the card are made of cardboard embroider looking a lot like tiny, flat pieces of wood. The flowers which are the focal point of the card are covered in colours of the blue spectrum; they are hand made.

Just another card for my friend! I hope you like it!
This is just a mix of colorful cards, embossing powders and cardboard pieces stuck onto them to create this effect reminding me of my favourite seasons: spring!

I also made a box for this card which makes it safe to carry and transport since the card itself is three dimensional.


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