Monday, 25 September 2017

A lot of things... and links for tutorials

It was busy summer for me. I made a lot of earrings and necklaces as I am preparing my stuff for selling :) I also ran some brooch courses and next courses ahead of me. I am looking forward to it!!!
An amazing time is coming - Christmas - a lot of opportunities and a lot of work :)
Ok. Time to show my "hard work" :)
It is a lot of pictures and I have decided that the remaining jewellery I'll show next time :)

Scheme for beaded ball you can find here: click
Scheme for bracelet: click
I am so grateful to people who share their amazing work, tutorials and schemes!

This scheme I found somewhere in Pinterest (Indian, ethnic scheme for peyote...).


Pendant tutorial you can find here: click
Tassels I made myself from silk threads.


Earrings tutorial you find here: click

Tutorial for pendant you can find here: click

Earrings tutorial: click

Inspiration for jewellery below I found in this blog: click

I would be grateful for comments :)

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