Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Just another card for a friend of mine who really likes blue colours. This card is a birthday card, however I might make a card looking very similar to this one for a different occasion, if you wish. Just fill in the contact form down below in order to ask me any questions and discuss the price of the card. I am going to try to satisfy your requirements :)

The mixing of colours has went especially well on this card as pink, red, blue and a little bit of sea turquoise blend in very nicely when using spray mists. Blue dots in the top left corner of the card are embossed and covered in gloss gel which makes them very realistic and three dimensional. The leaves that you can see at the bottom of the card are made of cardboard embroider looking a lot like tiny, flat pieces of wood. The flowers which are the focal point of the card are covered in colours of the blue spectrum; they are hand made.

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